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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I should replace or reface?
Chances are, you don’t have to replace! Depending on the age of the kitchen and condition of the cabinets, you can reface them at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Contact us for a free consultation!

What if most of my cabinets are in good condition, but I have a few with water damage, can I still reface?
Absolutely! ADC can replace one or more of your existing cabinets and still reface the kitchen, saving you money!

Will having my kitchen refaced take as long as replacing the kitchen?
No way! Kitchen refacing is done in half the time it would take to install new cabinetry. Many refacing jobs can be done in a matter of a few days!

I purchased a new granite countertop a few years ago. Do I have to replace my countertop again if I reface?
Not at all! Since we are working with your existing cabinetry, your countertops remain intact and do not need to be replaced.

I have plenty of cabinets, but I need more drawer space. Can ADC help me with that?
We sure can! Often times, we can modify the internal space of your cabinetry, adding drawers, roll out shelving, waste containers, spice racks and more!

How much can I save by refacing my kitchen instead of replacing it?
You can reface your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. While each kitchen project is different, customers save an average of 30-50% by refacing. Not only is there a savings on the cabinetry, but not having to replace the countertop is a saving in itself!

What makes ADC different than retail stores that provide refacing services?
Cost and personalized service are the two biggest things that make ADC different than other service providers. Retail stores purchase many of their products from the same manufacturers that ADC uses, but retail stores have significant mark ups to their products. Retail stores do not install. They sub contract the installation portion of their services to companies that then sub contract each job to an installer. The cost of the labor is marked up three different levels to allow each to profit! ADC does not sub contract, saving you money!

Does ADC only reface kitchens?
Nope. ADC can provide all new kitchen cabinets, entertainment units, custom closets and more!

How can I schedule a FREE consultation?
It's simple! Click below or call us at 954-643-6598!

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